Germany in the year 1923. The population has been suffering under a massive inflation for eight years. Whoever starts a business in these difficult times needs loads of courage. Brothers Ernst and Friedrich Nippes had this kind of courage when starting their steel goods production in the city of Solingen. The brothers started their business in an old cottage in Widdert, the traditional grinder’s workshops of the “Bergische Land” and emphasised “Solingen quality” from day one – the traditional handcraft that to this day is the famous trademark for steel goods from Solingen. Brothers Nippes GmbH & Co. KG as a “factory for fine steel goods” stands for high quality manicure- and pedicure instruments. Highest quality, made for a lifetime.
Tradition is a family matter and that’s why Markus Nippes runs the company today in the third generation. He took over the company from his father Horst Nippes in 2002, who has been face and heart of the company for 50 years. It was also Horst Nippes who pushed the expansion abroad and thus built a broader foundation for the business. His son Markus continues to walk down this path making the company export their products to approximately 50 countries worldwide with tendency to rise. Around 60% of Brothers Nippes GmbH & Co. KG’s profits are achieved abroad – mostly from high quality manicure and pedicure instruments. To maintain this high quality standard, production abroad is out of the question. The very own production on site in Solingen guarantees daily and speedy delivery and thus an ideal supply for consumers.
Who’s buying Nippes products? The company supplies around half of the 20.000 pharmacies in Germany making them principal customers. Further distribution cooperations with pharmaceutical companies abroad provide continuously increasing presence in the important international markets. Frequent showcases at all relevant trade shows further strengthen business at home and abroad. For quite some time Nippes not only produce products solely for their own brand but also for distribution partners that sell Nippes products under private brands.
Traditional craftsmanship, high quality materials and precise controlling are essential production factors for the family business from Solingen. No matter if it’s scissors, nail pliers, skin pliers or tweezers – Nippes only uses warm forged and hardened steel providing long-lasting products to the consumer. The payout for this kind of accurateness is a ISO-9001 certificate for a complete quality management system. Still the company does not rest on the classic and proven products and continues to set new trends by innovation manifesting the success of Nippes.

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