Let us face the facts: For more than 100 years Nippes stands for first class scissors, crafted by methods of traditional craftsmanship. This is more than just daily lived tradition by conviction – this is also a reason to be proud.

Brothers Ernst and Friedrich Nippes founded the company in Solingen in 1923. Only a few years later the quality of their scissors was so good that thousands of shops were supplied worldwide. Nippes rose to a leading technological company for fabricating scissors that was able to continuously present world-novelties. To this day Nippes is owner-operated and not few of the 30 employees have been with the company for many years.
No other tool is as sensitive and versatile as the human hand. That’s why Nippes is a manufactory by conviction. The large part of traditional craftsmanship in the production is supported by state of the art precision tools. Because it is the combination of harmonic forming and ideal functionality that guarantees the longevity of Nippes products.

Still, even the best precision machine can not replace the human hand. “Manu faktum” - made by hand. The company has been daily living by this motto for over 100 years. Manufactory by conviction, to this day from day one.

It is because of these patient hands every single component passes, providing perfection and quality, making Nippes products famous. It requires years of experience and artifice to hold a scissor blade against a grinding line at the exact angle – after all, the scissors are later made to easily glide through fabric and paper. This is only achieved with accurateness and dedication. And with the right employees, all of them masters of their craft, carefully verifying each piece before handing it over to its new owner.

The secret of success is sometimes not really a secret: the unconditional use of high quality raw materials for example. Further Nippes scissors are exclusively crafted from high quality connexions of Solingen steel.

The soul of a scissor is the grind, meaning the angle of the cutting edge. Nippes provides a very own and special angle for every application area. Most scissors are grinded by hand on traditional precision grinding machines. This procedure requires lots of skill and years of experience. Especially the scissor handles are emphasised because they are responsible for the comfort. Because it’s only when a scissor lies comfortably in your hand, exhaustion when cutting is prevented.

It’s the experienced Nippes mechanics that make sure that the carefully prepared upper and lower levers become a scissor with precise cut and smooth operation. Both halves are connected by hand, the screws are tenderly tightened before adjusting the scissors one more time. This procedure requires lots of technical sensitiveness because it is this very moment, when a scissor comes to life. At Nippes quality is a matter of course. That’s why every scissor is carefully checked all over before leaving the workshop. Only a perfect surface and cleanly designed handles guarantee the right motion.